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Top Innovative Design Ideas For Your Residential Home

Architect,Designer,Interior,Creative,Working,Hand,Drawing,Sketch,Plan,BlueTop Innovative Design Ideas For Your Residential Home

Innovative design ideas are the keys to making your home unique. Whether you’re looking for something unique for your bedroom, living room or kitchen, check out this list of new construction designs that will make your house stand out from the rest!

• Natural Light

Natural light can make a space feel bigger and more open. It’s also a fantastic way to bring out color. For example, tan-colored sofas and wooden floors are more eye-catching when exposed to sunlight, and will make the room feel more vibrant and relaxed. The light can also be used to illuminate artwork or architectural features, making the room appear more aesthetically pleasing.

• Energy Efficiency

Building and operating energy efficient homes, buildings, and businesses save money, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These benefits are particularly important for households in low-income communities who spend a higher percentage of their income on energy, which may result in lower health outcomes due to air pollution. When looking for a residential home, look for energy efficiency features like insulation and doors/windows that are properly sealed and energy sources that are sustainable, such as solar. These improvements can make the home more comfortable and increase its market value, which may help you sell your home faster.

• Open Floor Plan

Whether you are looking for the perfect home to call your own or you are building your first custom home, an open floor plan is something that will not only increase the value of your property but it also will help your family stay connected. Traditional homes have long been divided into separate spaces by walls, but open concept floor plans eliminate these barriers to create one large room that can serve as the living room, kitchen, dining area or any other desired function. An open floor plan allows the natural light to pour into spaces without windows, which helps keep your energy bill down, is easier on the eyes and has a number of mental health benefits. This layout is also more practical for entertaining larger groups of people as it creates a space that can accommodate the needs of everyone in your home.

• Indoor Garden

Interior garden designs have been a feature of aristocrats’ houses for centuries, but they are now enjoying a strong surge in popularity. From tiny vertical herb gardens to beautiful living walls, green spaces are popping up everywhere, and homeowners can now incorporate them into their interiors for added decoration. There are several considerations when planning an indoor garden, but the most important is its location and size. A large house can spare enough space for a garden while in smaller homes or apartments, vertical gardens or wall gardens are ideal.

• Extra Storage

​Many people are looking for ways to maximize their living spaces without sacrificing style. Whether it’s in your kitchen, home office or bedroom, unique storage solutions make sure the things you need and use regularly have a place – keeping clutter at bay. If you’re designing a new build or remodel, consider the options that allow for flexible storage. For example, if you have built-in seating that can be moved from room to room or from window to window, consider adding drawers for easy access.