Commercial Building Design Services in Colchester, CT

At Home Designs by Bruno

We are familiar with the sense of urgency. Therefore, we will always strive to complete your project on budget and on schedule.

We offer efficient and transparent design services to help you create your perfect commercial design and construction project. We are a commercial design company with a special focus on commercial building designs, layouts, and construction.

Our commercial design engineers will sit down with you to discuss your design and building requirements and your ultimate goal for the project.

We have years of industry experience in drafting drawings for commercial buildings as well as constructing these buildings to meet legislative requirements.

Experienced Professionals

We incorporate a team of highly skilled, highly trained, and highly experienced drafters, builders, and project managers to help you complete your commercial construction project.

Our associates place a substantial amount of importance on delivering results on time and within budget.  You can rest assured that when you deal with any of our associates, you will receive industry-leading service, workmanship, advice, and expertise.

Planning and Design

Our commercial design engineer will sit down with you to discuss the requirements for your commercial space. Our designers are aware of the importance of effectively and efficiently using space and how to plan the design accordingly.

Our aim is to combine our industry experience with world insight when designing your workspace or warehouse that not only flows, is ergonomically designed, but also works for you.

Our design team will create concept drawings, 3D models, sketches, and layouts of your commercial space design. These drawings aim to give you a realistic view of what to expect in terms of finishes, fittings, and possible furniture, which all contribute to the final look of your work office space or warehouse.


We ensure that our specifications are always aligned with and adhere to industry specifications as well as legislation. In addition, we take care to ensure that all of our finishes are of commercial grade and that they carry the manufacturer’s warranty.