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Home Designs by Bruno offers complete custom designs in a timely fashion at a very affordable price. When you feel a move-up house is needed, or an expansion to your current home, or even a commercial property, gather your ideas, your wish list, and watch your dreams unfold using the professional designers at Home Designs By Bruno.

How We Started

For years, people who wanted a custom home design would seek an architect who could complete the design in a timely fashion. However, due to the cost and/or fees asked, the consumer often abandoned this avenue. Home Designs By Bruno saw the opportunity to offer home design and drafting services for the general public at an affordable price.

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What We Do

At Home Designs by Bruno, we take a unique approach to designing and building your custom home. You will not be limited by any plans or designs. We treat each client and project as custom. As the prospective owner, you will have control over each step of the design process in terms of what you would like to have included in the design of your brand-new home.

As a design/build company, we will walk you through each phase of your custom home build, starting with the initial concept, design, and construction, of your work of art, through to follow-up. This is to ensure that you experience 100% satisfaction with your new home, its unique features, and layout.

The total cost of your project can easily be calculated very early on in the process. We understand the importance of making your money stretch, and this is why we take every precaution to make sure that we manage the costs of the project as tightly as possible. This will help give you, the client, peace of mind and the assurance that your money is well invested.

How This Can Benefit You

One of the biggest benefits of using a design/building company is that you save money and cut down on any unnecessary loss of time and errors due to miscommunication.

Traditional methods dictate that you approach an architect that will design your custom home before the designs go out to builders for the bidding process. With Home Designs by Bruno, this entire step can be eliminated as all of your design and building needs are sourced from a single supplier, us!

This saves you time and money and ensures that there are no incidents of miscommunication between the designer and the builder.

The Steps In Our Process

  • When you have your custom home designed and built by us, we will start the process with an initial design meeting. We will arrange a time and venue to meet that suits you. During this meeting, all possible designs will be discussed, including your goals for the project, amenities, and budget. Our associates are highly skilled and trained in this industry, and we will make recommendations based on your initial idea and our industry experience.
  • Once you decide on your design, we will draw up the preliminary drawings. During this meeting, we will discuss the drawings, any changes, and specifications, as well as provide you with a cost estimate. All possible changes will be discussed during this meeting.
  • Upon approval of the cost estimate and drawings, we will draw up the necessary documents for construction to start. All changes will be relieved and discussed to ensure that all topics have been covered and we are ready to proceed.
  • When all changes have been approved and documents have been signed, we will commence construction. During this phase, you, the client, will work closely with our project manager. Throughout this process, you will be able to view each step of the construction process until your dream home is finished.

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