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Decorating a Small House

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and in many cases, a smaller home may be more economical, fitting for your needs, or was the type of home for sale in your area. No matter the reasons, you still want your home to look nice. So, how can you design small spaces? It’s a common question we answer below.

How To Maximize Space in a Small House 

  1. Use Light: Proper use of light can make small areas look larger. You can use natural light and also take advantage of interior lights that don’t take up much room, such as pendant lights and string lights that can run along your walls.
  2. Make Use of Nooks: The corners of your room often sit empty. You can make use of corners to maximize the use of your home’s floor space. Corners and nooks can be filled with tables, desks, and floor lamps to improve your home’s lighting if needed.
  3. Use Vertical Spaces: You don’t have to decorate out wide; you can decorate up and make better use of your space. Adding shelving and bookshelves allows you to store or place personal items without taking up the center of the room.
  4. Use Large Rugs: While it is tempting to use smaller rugs for a smaller home, this just points out that you don’t have an excess of floor space. By using the largest rungs, you can fill the room’s volume and make it feel larger.
  5. Reduce Clutter: When you don’t have a lot of room to work with, every inch of space counts. Clutter takes up valuable room you can use for other things such as furniture. Reducing unneeded items makes your home easier to manage and makes moving around in it far easier by keeping floors clear.
  6. Get Rid of Unneeded Possessions: Related to the above, the cause of clutter is having too many unneeded items. It’s very easy to collect possessions over the years that no longer serve a practical purpose. These can be one-off items, items that no longer bring you any joy to own, or are things you no longer use. Getting rid of these items makes your home neater and gives you more room to work with.

Final Thoughts

A small home can still be a joy and home, after all, is still home. With some careful management of how you decorate and the things you own, you can take full advantage of all the space you have to work with.