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What To Expect in the Pre-Construction Phase

Have you already assembled your dream team and received final working drawings for your new home? If so, it is time to put together your pre-construction plan. There are various options and features that this plan will consist of to include in your new home, such as finishing material selections, structural material selections and much more. This will probably take a little bit more time and consist of more detail than the pages of your current architectural drawings.

Things To Know About the Pre-Construction Phase

A pre-construction process flow chart will help you keep everything in order. Here are some things that you should aim to keep in mind about your process and include in the pre-construction of your project.

Approvals, Permits, & Financing

You will have to ensure you obtain all of the necessary approvals, permits, and financing before your project. It is the builders’ responsibility to send you all the required documentation to your bank along with the executed contract needed for bank construction funding. During this period, they will also take care of all paperwork and red tape prior to beginning the project.

Accept Key Trade Partners & Conclude Project Schedule

Your contractors will now begin to put together the best trade partners and construction team for the project. A pre-construction phase plan example is vetting, sourcing, and paying experts that will be working on every part of your project. Every subcontractor and trade partner who joins these teams has obviously proven themselves to be valuable and reliable.

Once this has been completed, it will be time to conclude your timeline, giving you a projected move-in date.

HOA Approval & Submitting Permits

Here is an idea of the typical approval process for HOA:

  • Submit elevation and floor plan to receive preliminary HOA approval
  • Complete a full-color board final plan to send to HOA for full approval
  • Final modifications to HOA are required and can be resubmitted for final approval
  • Within 30 days, final approval is granted

Submitting a Building Permit

  • Topo survey, soil report, and architectural plans
  • Structural engineer details & calculations
  • Drainage and grading plan by engineers

If you require a big remodeling project, the best thing to do is find a reputable company in the industry that can deliver passion, experience, and insight. You want contractors who will live up to their promise and provide a personalized experience with the highest quality of craftsmanship.